Yeah, it's been Along Time...

Updated: Aug 17

I've been out of commission for a bit, but now I'm back, not roaring back, but back nonetheless. I'm constantly refining my technique for macro shooting, and my current obsession is watches. They pose a interesting challenges in lighting, often having high contrast elements and a lot of texture. I've found that not all light needs to be diffused, in fact I have used direct light, feathered across the subjects to dramatic affect. When going for tight detail shots, where depth of field is limited, I have been using focus stacking, shooting several images at different focal points and blending them with photoshop. I recently bought a macro focusing rail to make the process easier.

GV2 Montreaux, detail shot

Stacked focus

GV2 Montreaux

Bulova Precisionist

Bulova Men's Chronograph C Archive Series


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