Vintage Cameras Sale

The Zorki 4K

A Soviet era 35mm rangefinder camera. A screw mount 50MM F2 lens. All functions are good, some of the leatherette needs to be glued back in place. $92.00

Argus Anastigmatic

This little camera has a pop-out lens. The shutter automatically cocks after each exposure, without advancing the film making multiple exposures possible. $24.00

Argus C3 "The Brick"

Manufactured from 1939 to 1966 this made in Anne Arbor, Michigan camera sold over 2 million units. 35MM format, rangefinder focus. One of the last UASA manufactured cameras. $53.00

EXA (Dresden)

This is a fascinating camera for a number of reasons. This camera has a waist level finder with a pop-up magnifying element. The Carl Zeiss Jena lens is a prized optic. Made in Dresden Germany c. 1050s, it is of solid and substantial construction. Fully mechanical, the camera uses no batteries. $173.00

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