Meet Aboud Dweck ...

Updated: Apr 11

I have been a working pro photographer since 1977. It occurs to me, that's 43 years. Over that time I've shot everything from family portraits to exploding soda bottles to nighttime aerial photos of Washington D.C. I will say that in my career, most of the time, whether for a client or myself, I got great joy in creating my photographs.

I took my first photos at around ten years old with a Brownie Hawkeye camera. No Eureka! or AHA! moment, but a seed may have been planted. When I was 14 I took a photo of a tree at sunset, entered a national competition sponsored by Camera 35 magazine, and wow, I won an honorable mention, my photo was printed on the cover, with 19 others. That was my AHA! moment. By the time I was 17, photography was my passion and I wanted to make it my life's work, I have.


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