Me? Organized?

Months into the Covid sequestration I have run out of things to watch on Netflix, HBOMax, Amazon Prime, EPIX, Disney+ ... you get the idea. It's amazing, thousands of offerings and so many are weak or mind numbing I have given up, thrown in the towel as it were. This also forces me to relinquish my butt impression in my easy chair and find something else to do. Organize! Declutter! Dispose! Destroy! Very little of that last one. I have gone through my equipment cabinet, sold off some gear and organized two drawers, contain my cameras and lenses, which means I no longer have to lift a heavy roller case and rummage through it for the lens I need. Now, I am back to shooting. Limited by ridiculously hot and humid weather here in D.C. and social distancing, it's more difficult to get out and shoot, so I look around my home for images. That means anywhere from drawers to the kitchen. Here are two from yesterday. The goal, until they blow the whistle and say it is safe to go out again, is to do this several time a week to keep my sanity and creative pulse alive.


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