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Updated: Nov 10

For the past few years I have been collecting the cameras I had in my youth. I have to cull the collection as I am running out of space. All of these cameras are sold as-is, I have tested them for function as best I could and described the results below.

Nikon F3 HP, data back MF 14, body only $400

This was Nikon's first mechanical/electric hybrid. It has an electronic shutter, which relies on the battery. If the battery dies, a second mechanical shutter release is available. A very clever design. Its impressive build has made it a top choice for photojournalists and other pro shooters around the world. The high eye point also makes viewing easier, especially for shooters wearing glasses. I put fresh batteries in the finder. The needle moves as it should, the shutter works electronically. I did also replaced a battery in the data back, the LCD functions. I have no way to bench test the camera, I can only judge the shutter speeds by ear. They seem to be about right. Cosmetically the camera is in beautiful shape, easily a 9 on a scale of 10.

Lens shown for illustrative purposes only

Nikon F with Photomic T finder, $211

This 1968 vintage Nikon professional SLR was a workhorse for many photojournalists and editorial photographers. The Photomic T finder offered measured light through-the-lens, providing accurate exposure control almost most lighting circumstances. The metered finder could be removed and a waist level finder, not metered, put in its place. Included with the camera is a Nikon 50MM 1.4 lens (not shown) I put batteries in the Photomic T and the meter needle does deflect. The readout seems to be about right. The shutter speeds, judged by ear, seem about right. The action of the aperture ring and focus seem fine. The view through the lens is bright and the split image center makes focus accurate. Cosmetically I would rate the body at an 8+, there are a few light scratches and a very minor ding in the prism's facia to the left of the F. Cosmetically, the lens is a 9, very clean with minor internal dust, that should not affect the image.

Nikkormat FT3, $83

Built only for several months in 1977, and built like a tank, this example of the FT3 is in remarkably good shape, about a conservative 9 on a scale of 10. No dents, no dings, no major scratches, just a couple around the battery door on the baseplate. The FT3 was essentially identical to the FT2 except that it supported Nikkor lenses with the Automatic Indexing (AI) feature (introduced 1977).The shutter speeds, again, judging only by ear, seem to be accurate. I put fresh batteries in the camera, the but the functions seem to be proper. As I didn't have an AI lens to test it with, I used the stop down method with the 50MM 1.4 and the reading looked to be about right.

Zeiss Milvus 50MM 1.4 $799.00

This nifty fifty was used but a few times. It is in as-new condition. Purchased from B&H, it is a USA lens. Comes with caps and hood. Absolutely sharp, great color rendering and sweet micro-contrast. Manual focus. Current price, $1199.00 - save $400, buy this one for a paltry $799 plus shipping and fees. Price is FIRM no offers or trades please.

Payment method: PayPal

Item condition: Appears as new

Shipping via FEDEX ground CONUS or USPS PRIORITY insured

For Canon R bodies - Laowa 15mm F2.0 rectilinear lens $639.00

This bathroom is only 5 1/2 feet wide

In perfect condition, complete with box, caps, etc. This is truly a rectilinear lens in a compact format. For real estate and architectural photography this lens offers a near perfect wide perspective. For landscape and astro photographers, the f 2.0 maximum aperture is a gift. Much smaller than the Zeiss 15mm I have for my 5D4.

You can find details here on B&H site:

You can buy this terrific lens for a bit more than $200 off the new price and you won't see any difference. The price is firm net to me, you pay shipping and fees.

Payment method: PayPal

Item condition: Appears as new

Shipping via FEDEX ground CONUS or USPS PRIORITY insured

To buy any items inquire to: Aboud Dweck,

I did not set up the online store for these.


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