I have been a working pro photographer since 1977, that's 43 years. Over that time I've shot everything from family portraits to exploding soda bottles to nighttime aerial photos of Washington D.C. I will say that in my career, most of the time, whether for a client or myself, I got great joy in my work. That's what I hope you will find in this blog, a path to joy in your photography. To that end, I invite you to contact me for help or advice for your work. I have taught and mentored quite a few photographers over the years, perhaps I can help you. 


I took my first photos at around ten years old with a Brownie Hawkeye camera. No Eureka! or AHA! moment, but a seed may have been planted. When I was 14 I took a photo of a tree at sunset, entered a national competition sponsored by Camera 35 magazine, and wow, I won an honorable mention, my photo was printed on the cover, with 19 others. That was my AHA! moment. By the time I was 17, photography was my passion and I wanted to make it my life's work and I have.


Whether photography is an avocation or profession for you, joy should be part of the equation.

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